Your student's comfort, security and experience at Xo1 is our highest priority.在Xo1,您的學生的舒適,安全和經驗是我們的首要任務。 And there's no better way to ensure that than to be right here for your student.沒有比在你的學生身邊更好的方法來確保這一點。 In town, on campus.在城裡,在校園裡。 In the building.在這樓裡。 On call.隨傳隨到。 Not out of state and out of touch with what is happening on campus and throughout Madison on a daily basis.每天與校園內以及整個麥迪遜市發生的一切保持平衡並保持聯​​繫。 In fact, XoXNUMX was developed and is owned by former UW graduates (who live in the Madison area).實際上,XoXNUMX是由前西悉尼大學畢業生(居住在麥迪遜地區)擁有並開發的。 Dare we say that's a connection that makes your student one of us?我們敢說這是使您的學生成為我們其中一員的聯繫嗎? We do.我們的確是。 To our future alum sisters and brothers, when you say Wisconsin…you said it all!對於我們未來的明礬姐妹和兄弟們,當您說威斯康星州……您就說了一切!


預備,準備,開始! 哦,我們知道演習。 我們把它歸結為藝術。 所以在裝載你的學生時要保持舒適,那裡有一台運行良好的機器可以幫助你辦理登機手續。或者退房(我們希望這只是因為你有一個新的畢業生離開參加下一章)。



Xo1位於美麗而古老的西澳大學校園中間。 Seconds to just minutes from classes.幾秒鐘即可上課。 In fact, living at Xo1 (or its sister property next door, Grand Central) puts your student the most centered to all classes—and also to the icons that enrich the UW experience in Camp Randall, Kohl Center, Union South, Memorial Union and Union Terrace.實際上,住在Xo1(或其毗鄰的姐妹酒店,大中央車站)使您的學生最集中於所有班級,同時也使豐富西南大學在蘭德營地,科爾中心,南聯盟,紀念聯盟和聯合露台。 Shorter walks also mean less wear and tear on footwear.較短的步行路程也意味著鞋類的磨損更少。 And less wear and tear means XoXNUMX might just be the low cost leader in footwear.更少的磨損意味著XoXNUMX可能只是鞋類的低成本領導者。


Xo1是一幢安全鎖閉的建築,在公共區域提供24小時不監視的監控攝像頭,並在周四,週五和周六晚上提供私人現場安全保護。 Taylor, our on-site manager, is on duty during business hours.我們的現場經理泰勒(Taylor)在工作時間內上班。 Plus, there's 24-hour call service for maintenance urgency needs and maintenance requests.此外,還有1小時電話服務,可滿足維護緊急性需求和維護請求。 Of course, XoXNUMX is in the middle of campus, surrounded by well-lit streets and school buildings.當然,XoXNUMX位於校園中間,周圍光線充足的街道和學校建築。 It's an extraordinary location that puts your student's home in the heart of UW's campus.這是一個非凡的地理位置,使您的學生的家位於西澳大學校園的中心。


所有一個月的付款意味著沒有額外的設施費或額外費用。 熱,電,高速互聯網,家具,健身中心,打印機/掃描儀訪問等,每月只需一次付款。 當你把它打破並進行比較時,Xo1及其姐妹酒店Grand Central在校園內或校外都是最好的。


隨時與我們聯繫。 無論您喜歡什麼,無論您需要什麼。 給我們發電子郵件info@x01oncampus.com,或致電608.237.1111或在我們的租賃辦公室停靠。



I have had a great experience living at the X01 apartments.我在XXNUMX公寓生活過得很愉快。 The landlord is extremely helpful, kind, and easy to talk to.房東非常有幫助,友善且易於交談。 Maintenance is also super efficient and free.維護也超級高效且免費。 They offer a lot of really nice free things for their residents too, like bagels and cream cheese the first of every month!他們也為居民提供很多非常不錯的免費東西,例如百吉餅和奶油芝士,每個月的第一天! I would totally recommend this place!我完全推薦這個地方!


Love living at X01!愛住在XXNUMX! It's managed really well and they handle any issues quickly and easily.它的管理非常好,他們可以快速,輕鬆地處理任何問題。 The apartments are really clean and modern.公寓真的很乾淨和現代。 The location can't be beat either.該位置也不能被擊敗。